Located in Virginia, Bear Creek Leatherworks is a one-man shop run by Mike Bramblett.

I specialize in small leather goods, Creating a high quality product using only the finest materials, modern designs and traditional methods.  All products are time tested by me.  


Bear Creek Leatherworks will warrant all product against defects in material and workmanship under normal use and proper maintenance for the life of our leather handmade goods.  If you ever need anything fixed, repaired or replaced just let me know and I will make it right, for as long as I live.  This is your Lifetime Guarantee!  In addition, I only use the best quality hardware and Full Grain Leather that is sourced from some of the finest Tanneries in the world (See individual products for leather details).  FYI… I’m 48 years old (as of 10/15/2022), keep in pretty good shape and plan to make it to 90:)  


I put a lot of time into crafting each item, and therefore it only makes sense to choose the very best leathers for my work.

I work primarily with vegetable tanned leathers from America, Italy, and France.  Each type of leather I offer is among the finest of its kind. They look, feel, and smell great and age wonderfully. More information about the specific leathers I use can be found in the product descriptions.  Feel free to contact me for more information on which leather may be right for you.


I’ve spent the last 10 years and countless hours perfecting my craft, experimenting with different leathers and testing product designs.  A great deal of time is put into every item that leaves my shop.    

Every piece is hand stitched using waxed thread to ensure durability and a fine aesthetic.  

All edges are beveled and burnished by hand.


‘Creating products that I want to own’ has always been my approach to designing leather goods.  I personally design, test and test again all of my products.  I also offer Customization for my clients that are looking for a personal touch or a special design.